Tuesday, August 30

When My Kids Were Little

by Lisa Freeman

When my kids were little, my spouse, Kevin and I were constantly seeking out elusive and random but ultimately entertaining festivals, fairs and small museums in towns across Indiana and the U.S. Michael and Becca got to see some pretty interesting treasures that your average tourist would never experience such as the Hot Dog Festival in Frankfort, Indiana, the Vernon County Fair in southwestern Wisconsin and the Aplets and Cotlets Candy Kitchen Museum in Cashmere, Washington. For many years I’d read about the crazy little Pierogi Fest in Whiting, Indiana and mulled the idea of journeying up I-65 to check it out, but when the end of July rolled around, alas, the idea vanished.

The idea became reality a few weeks ago when Kevin and I finally visited the Pierogi Fest. This festival is small town Indiana’s finest hour. A parade, floats with Mr. Pierogi and the Pierogi Queen don’t begin to do our visit justice, but I hope the photo speaks a thousand words! Pierogis, potato pancakes, Polish sausages and don’t forget, beer, are a few of the delicacies one will find if visiting this little festival treasure! Bring your lawnchair and plant it on the street for the best parade seat in town.

I am very excited to be involved with another treasure that will be gracing our own Laikin Auditorium stage on Tuesday, 9/20 at 7pm when the Yuval Ron Ensemble, featuring musicians from Jewish, Muslim, Sufi and Christian faiths, present a stunning musical performance. The JCC performance is especially exciting because it combines two of the ensemble’s concerts from its repertoire along with guest dancer Jamila Ali. This is an evening not to be missed. I look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. I've always wanted to go to the Pierogi Festival. Well, maybe not always, but for the past several years. Glad you got a chance to go. Is there somewhere online where we can get a taste of the upcoming dance performance at the JCC?