Thursday, August 25

Kids Say/Do The Darndest Things!

Today’s blog introduces you to another one of our wonderful JCC families enrolled in our Early Childhood Education program.
We would like to introduce you to:
  Bill and Jennifer Zorn

Proud parents of :
  Rebecca, age 3 and
  Rachel, 10 weeks old

We asked Jennifer to tell us about their family.

JCC: How long have you been a JCC member?
  Jennifer: Since May 2010

JCC: Which of your children are or have been in ECE?
  Jennifer: This is our first year in the ECE.

JCC: Would you share with us a brief heart-warming story about the JCC?
  Jennifer: It is always hard to leave your children, but it is fantastic
  when they are in a place they love so much.  Last year Rebecca would
  often look at her Dad and I as we were dropping her off and say "Go to
  work!" Or if we came to pick-up earlier than expected, she’s say, "Can I
  play a little more?" When Rebecca does this, it makes us know that she
  is in a wonderful and loving place full of great activities, teachers,
  and friends.

JCC: We know kids say the darndest things. What have you heard in
your family?
  Jennifer: Rebecca says in the middle of naptime at home with Rachel
  crying: "Rachel having rough time and I having a rough time, so I
  should play."

JCC: Who is your child’s favorite movie star/superhero/sports figure/personality?
  Jennifer: Rebecca is a fan of Elmo and of her baby sister.

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