Thursday, July 7

What You Never Knew…An Interview with Eric Gordon Jr.

The Gordon Family (from left to right) Denise, Eron, Eric Sr., Evan, and Eric Jr. at the 2011 Eric Gordon Summer Basket Ball Camp at the JCC.

by Susan Gabovitch
Have you noticed that frequently you see the same faces each time you come to the JCC? I don’t mean the staff at our membership desks or any of our instructors. I’m referring to other JCC members—those same folks you encounter in your noon BodyPump class or who huff and puff next to you on the treadmill. I will introduce you to some of your fellow members in this blog. If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that people will always surprise you.
Take Eric Gordon Jr., for example. Many of you may be thinking “I know all about Eric.” You likely know that his parents, Denise and Eric, purchased a home across the street so their three sons could be close to a sports and fitness facility. In fact, the boys have grown up at the JCC. You may have seen them playing basketball and using the pool since they’re here almost daily. You also may know that Eric was a standout basketball player at North Central High School and at IU, and that now he is playing in the NBA. Yes, you already know a lot about this JCC member. But did you know that…
·         Eric’s favorite thing to do at the JCC is hang out at
     the Eskenazi water park;
·         His favorite restaurant is St. Elmo’s;
·         He loves strawberry ice cream more than any other flavor;
·         Eric’s favorite musical artist is Rick Ross; and
·         The most influential people in Eric’s life are his dad and his granddad.
I’d like to add that Eric is also a very kind and respectful young man. Learn more about Eric at

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