Thursday, July 28

ART Had Me at "Hello"

by Lisa Freeman

I love art. This love affair started at the tender age of 3. It had me at finger painting. What is better than shmushing your fingers and palms around on a slick piece of art paper and creating whirly swirls and fluffy clouds and lightning bolts and stars? It’s tactile, it smells good, it feels good...what’s not to love? The Original Crayola 64 Box with built-in sharpener? Why, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when I got my very own. You know what I’m talking about. Throughout the years, wonderful art tools and medium have always evoked fond memories of my formative years in high school art classes and college fine arts courses. 

I happen to work in a field that allows me to feed the passion that was nurtured early in life. I curate art exhibits for the JCC Art Gallery. I have access to and a passport into the studios of artists who make art for a living. I get to see the creative process at work and speak with and learn from many talented professionals who live in our community. Our gallery has hosted exhibits from artists as diverse as friends Lois Templeton and Phil O’Malley to photographers Denis Ryan Kelly, Jr. and Freddie Kelvin to our current exhibit featuring the very special artists and teaching instructors of VSA Indiana. All art is for sale and a portion of all sales benefits our friends at VSA

If you’ve not had a chance to view this wonderful exhibit, take a walk to the north side of the JCC building. You are in for a visual treat. If I see you browsing, I’ll stop and introduce myself.

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