Tuesday, July 19

Kids Say/Do the Darndest Things!

...featuring the Lewis family.

With an average of 120 children enrolled in our Early Childhood Education program each year, we have had the pleasure to work with some wonderful families. And the children? Well, they’re the best part of the family! We think you will enjoy meeting some of the children and families that make our ECE such a special place.
We would like to introduce you to:
  Erin and Cory Lewis

Proud parents of:
  Elle, age 7
  Libby, age 5
  Henry, age 4
  Oliver, age 2

We asked Erin Lewis to tell us about their family.

JCC: How long have you been a JCC member?
  Erin: Since 2006

JCC: Which of your children are or have been in ECE?
  Erin: All 4 have been there/are still there!

JCC: Would you share a brief story with us, perhaps a funny incident in ECE or a heart-warming moment at the JCC?
  Erin: Dropping off and picking up 4 kids
  over the years means lots of walking in
  and out of the JCC. Despite the fact that
  we’ve traipsed the route thousands of
  times, all of our children still race EVERY
  DAY to see who can find the brick (on
  the Jewish History Walkway behind the
  building) that is engraved with the name
  “MUFFINHEAD.” They have made us
  promise that when all of the Lewis
  children are finally out of the ECE wing
  and in primary school, we will buy a
  brick and engrave it with something
  just as amusing.

JCC: We know kids say the darndest things. What have you heard in
your family?
  Erin: One of our children came home from a day at ECE and told us one
  of her teachers was not at school that day. We asked where the teacher
  was and our child responded, “She went to heaven.” “Heaven!?!?” we  
  confirmed. “Yep, she went to heaven.” After much questioning, we found
  out that the said teacher had not died, but was actually vacationing in
  Florida. But to our 4-year-old child, she heard, “She’s going to Florida.

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