Thursday, July 14


by Nancy Riddle-Mills
The summer may be hot, but it’s our staff that really sizzles this time of year at the JCC! These young adults are busy dancing with their campers on Shabbat, encouraging new swimmers to take the plunge and modeling behavior for our youngest members, among so many other things. Seasonal staff may only spend a few months with us each year, but they have a huge impact on making summer fun, safe and successful at the JCC.
What really determines just how great a summer will be is the staff we hire and train. We truly have a terrific group of young people with us this year.

Ophir joins us
 from Tel Aviv
  Some are college freshmen heading off to universitites
  in all corners of the country.
  We have some who grew up across the street and
  others who come from the other side of the world.
  Many are returning campers, counselors or
  lifeguards themselves.

"My show would be
like Last Cake Standing,
except every cake would
have Oreos in it, and
I would get to taste
every single one."
When asked what kind of reality show they would star in,
we heard...

"A show in which thin people would have to gain weight."
"A show where we turn the tables on rude diners and
 force them to work as waiters/waitresses."
"A show in which we would examine life on a turtle farm."
I invite you to learn more about these creative and caring young adults by visiting our summer staff directory. And if you are a reality show producer, you might find some good ideas listed!
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