Tuesday, August 6

What happens in Mosaic Class

by Lisa Freeman

I am constantly amazed by the many ways that people choose to express themselves creatively.

Some artists choose to work in solitary spaces and places, but many often choose the company of others to stimulate and nurture their creative spirits through the sharing of ideas, techniques and vision.

There is a group of women and men who come together on a weekly basis to take part in what is referred to as “mosaic therapy” by one student.

The instructor of this class is well-known and acclaimed artist, Suzy Friedman. She opens up the doors to her home studio to a large group of folks who support one another, offer suggestions and help praise and critique each other’s work after each class.

Suzy makes this class easy to take part in thanks to her patience, wisdom and subtle ability to teach about shading and depth. Suzy’s style allows each student to find his or her sense of creativity.

I’m told that the camaraderie that takes place in this group is amazing as support is given and friendships are made.

Together, they go beyond just gluing pieces of glass to an object and making art. “What happens in Mosaic stays in Mosaic” is an oft-quoted theme that carries throughout the three precious hours spent creating. 

On Thursday, Aug. 8, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., I hope you’ll want to join us in the JCC Art Gallery for an opening reception and light refreshments as Suzy and her mosaic students share what all the fun and creativity is about!

Plus, the group’s amazing artwork will be on display and for sale.

Author’s note: Special thanks to Lori Moss and Lori Schankerman for sharing their thoughts about the mosaic class.

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