Tuesday, August 20

Putting the "work" in workout

by JCC Association and Club One

The workday for many consist of mostly sitting, which can have many negative impacts on overall health and wellness.

But even when there's not time to hit the gym, there are opportunities to make exercise a part of your day at the office.

Here are some ways to get up and out of your chair at work: 

Create walking trails at your office
• Take the longest route to the bathroom, the printer, the fax machine, etc.
• Walk to a coworker’s desk instead of calling or messaging them
• Conduct your informal meetings while walking

Take the long way home (or to the office)
• Cycle to work
• Walk or run to work
• Take alternative transportation that requires you to walk, cycle, or run part of the way

Take the path of most resistance
• Take the stairs instead of the elevator
• Park farther away from your office door

Give yourself a break
• While on the phone, stand up to talk or stretch
• Every 30–60 minutes, stand up to stretch and/or walk

Now you don't have any excuses for letting fitness take a back seat to your office work!

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