Tuesday, September 11

It's September...Roll Out Your Yoga Mat

by JCC Staff

September is traditionally the month when much of the country begins to experience the first taste of fall. It's a time of change, from the beautiful colors of tree leaves to the northerly breezes that bring cooler temperatures. 

Back in 2008, the U.S Department of Health and Human Services hoped the month of September would spark another kind of change in the country when it first designated the month to be National Yoga Month. 

The national observance in its fourth year in 2012 is aimed at encouraging people to practice yoga, and, more generally, a healthier lifestyle.

The JCC Indianapolis sports and wellness team did its part to spread the word about the significance of yoga and a more balanced lifestyle during a Sept. 4 appearance on Indy Style, a daily entertainment-news show in Indianapolis

Sullivan with Hauser and Horner
(left to right)
In the segment, JCC yoga instructor Erin Sullivan walked hosts Tracy Forner and Andi Hauser through a series of yoga poses and shared her insights into the health benefits of yoga, which include increased flexibility, stamina and strength.

According to WebMD, yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years, and around 11 million Americans regularly enjoy it today.

So this month of September, why not ride the month's winds of change and consider a lifestyle move towards the healthier by participating in a yoga class, whether it is your first ever or simply the first you'll complete this week?

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