Thursday, September 6

Corn when it's cold: 5 easy steps to freezing corn for winter

by Katherine Matutes, Ph.D.

One of the best parts of summer is the chance to enjoy fresh corn on the cob, but did you know that you could experience the same freshness and flavor all winter long?

I know its still nearly 90 degrees outside, and it may seem like winter is still far away. But with a little planning and work right now, you can preserve your sweet, crunchy corn for winter.

Follow these five simple steps for freezing corn and trapping in its freshness:

     1. Start with fresh corn – not corn sitting in the fridge for days.

     2. Shuck it and cut off any discolored portions of the ear.

     3. Blanch the entire ear in boiling water for 3 minutes to destroy enzymes that could cause spoilage.
               o   The water must be boiling first
               o   Start the timing when the water returns to boiling
               o   Next, transfer the corn to an ice bath for 3 more minutes

     4. Cut 2/3rds of the kernel off the corn.
               o   Think about using an electric knife to make this easy
               o   Don’t cut all the way down to the cob.

     5. Pack in portion sized bags appropriate for your family, remove the air and toss in the freezer.

That’s all it takes! And come December, you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet taste of summer.

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