Friday, September 21

Creating Inspiration and Providing Information for Baby Boomers and their Parents

by Patricia Pickett

I remember my mother looking at me over the top of her newspaper and saying, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think everyone in Indianapolis over 50 is dead.”

Mom always knew how to get my attention … and I obligingly asked, “Why’s that?”

“Do you see one thing about anyone older than 55 in this paper, this magazine or on TV?”

She was gesturing a lot…perhaps it was a slight exaggeration, but she had a point. There were very few “cover girls” from the greatest generation. Sure, there was the occasional “special section” featuring happy looking folks in assisted living facilities or the ever-popular story about some grandmother who beat the tar out of a would-be robber with her purse … but not a whole lot about Central Indiana’s active, vibrant, over-55 population.

I also noticed that there wasn’t a local place for caregivers to go and kvetch about their gesturing parents or gain much insight into programs and opportunities that might assist them in their journey.

Seeing my mom’s frustrations and listening to her friends who faced similar issues are reasons that organizations like Indy Creative Aging are so important to me.

Indy Creative Aging is dedicated to giving the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population a place to build a sense of community and to providing information and inspiration. It’s about empowering people with knowledge so that they can enjoy their later years independently and safely.

So whether you’re 55 years or older or caring for someone who is, I encourage a visit to the Indy Creative Aging website at, where you can celebrate aging and life’s experiences by sharing stories and learning about upcoming community events and volunteer opportunities.

Guest blogger Patricia Pickett is a native of Central Indiana and a proud graduate of Butler University. She grew up in an entrepreneurial household and owns her own business offering strategic communications to clients, including IndyCreativeAging. She relishes the moments with her grandsons (ages 4 & 2) and believes one’s plate is never too full for dessert. 

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