Thursday, July 12

Farewell Andy, We Hardly Knew You

by Larry Rothenberg
Andy of Mayberry is dead. Still, he lives in my childhood memories in an idyllic town with a cute kid, a goofy deputy and an aunt that made pies I could smell right through the old black and white TV. 
Ah, for the simple days when all problems could be solved with common sense and integrity – and in 30 minutes. Bring me back!
Wait a minute. That was not my life. I never went to the fishin’ hole. I went to school and enjoyed those air raid drills where we all ducked under the tables to protect us from the atomic bombs that the Russians might drop on us. I turned to the news and saw civil rights marchers being attacked by police dogs and battered with fire hoses.
Would we really like to go back? Was there ever really a Mayberry to go back to? The question of whether we would like to go back is irrelevant, ‘cause we can’t, even if there were ever a real Mayberry to go to. (By the way, Mayberry is based on Mt. Airy, North Carolina, Andy Griffith’s home town. The 2010 census showed Mt. Airy with poverty level 28% higher than the national average.)
Still, we can revere the innocence we believed in, if only a half hour at a time. The simple days were perhaps never that simple, but that warm feeling was still real – and I hope we can all retain that feeling.
Here’s an idea: Check out “The Legends of Doo-Wop” at the JCC on Saturday, July 28. It just might bring you back to those days we all loved, even if they weren’t totally real. And the music is really good.                                                   
Arnie & his Soul Brothers and Jimmy's Four Sounds
Let the good times roll! Starting in the 50s, these two Indiana groups tore it up with their rock 'em 'n sock 'em dance music, toe-tapping doo-wop and dreamy jazz. Both bands have successful records to their credit. Now Arnie & his Soul Brothers and Jimmy's Four Sounds are back on stage for an evening of fun and music. Coming off their highly successful performance at the Superbowl Village, they are ready to show you a good time.
Sat, July 28
7 pm
$20 / $15 Members
$150 table of 10

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