Tuesday, April 17

The Possibilities of Renewable Energy

by Matt Miller

Our lives affect the environment around us in many ways - and one of the biggest impacts we have on nature is how we get our energy. We continually require more and more electricity to power our lifestyles, and generating that electricity becomes an important consideration. One way to lessen our impact on our planet is through solar energy.

So just imagine the positive impact we could have if we could power our vehicles with it.

Enter the Purdue Solar Racing team.
Purdue Solar Racing is committed to two philosophies: 
  • Building and racing a competitive solar-powered vehicle, and
  • Educating the public about the possibilities of renewable energy. 
This Sunday, Apr. 22, Purdue Solar Racing will showcase its award-winning, street legal solar car at the JCC's Earth Day celebration. Participants in the celebration will also have the opportunity to test their ability to generate energy while learning important ways they can lessen their impact on Earth's resources.

Purdue Solar Racing allows students to grow and apply what they learn in the classroom to an actual large-scale project. We hope when we visit the JCC on Earth Day with our latest car that we will be able to share our knowledge of solar technology and show people that renewable energy is a practical and cleaner way to power our world.

We hope to see you there!

Matt Miller is a junior at Purdue University, majoring in mechanical engineering. He is also the outreach director of Purdue Solar Racing. For more information, visit www.purduesolarracing.org.

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