Friday, April 13

One More Month of “Fab at 40”... and Then What?

by Kelly Young
...that’s the question I keep pondering. I made a big deal about being “Fab at 40,” and now I’m wondering...what’s next? 
I turn 41 in May, but I guess that doesn’t mean I still can’t be fabulous, does it? In fact, I’m thinking about changing my mantra to “Fab in my 40s” - that way I can work to accomplish some of the goals I didn’t achieve at 40 and still create new ones.
I have a confession to make, though: I’m not quite sure I was all that “Fab at 40” - or at least as "fab" as I'd planned to be. But since I just bought myself some time (a.k.a. nine more years), let’s see how fabulous I can be.
I wanted to train for and complete a few triathlons last year, but a broken arm just two weeks before my 40th birthday sidelined me for the season. Not this year, though! I’m already signed up for the Muncie Olympic Tri on June 9 and the Rev3 Half Ironman in Sandusky, Ohio, on Sept. 9. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if I beat my time from several years ago?
Even more fabulous-ness would come from my 9-year-old crossing the finish line and having fun at the June 24 Kids Triathlon at the JCC. A mother-daughter combination of fabulous!
Weight loss
I wanted to lose about 8-10 pounds during my year at 40, but I’ve seesawed between losing and then gaining back 3-4 pounds. I guess the “fabulous” thing is that I didn’t gain 8-10 pounds. So, I’m back to focusing on eating healthier and moving more to help me with this goal.
Arts and culture
In my last post, I blogged about the arts and culture experiences happening around the city. I’ve taken advantage of some, but there’s so much more to enjoy and indulge in. I think this will forever be on my “fab” list. Maybe this year I'll finally get around to taking the belly dancing class at the JCC! Any tips out there for a novice like me? Maybe I’ll take the class on my birthday – followed by a massage. Now that sounds pretty “fab” to me!
Note to readers: Even if you aren't in your 40s, you can still be fabulous. How will you be fabulous this year?
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