Tuesday, April 3

My Journey from 200lbs Back to 150lbs: March

by Craig Ervin
Another month down and 31 days closer to achieving my ultimate goal!
Last month I talked about using your goals to motivate. In June, I’ll be participating in an extremely physical event: my first Tough Mudder run. Knowing this has certainly helped push me along in my efforts!
However, after my latest weigh in, I’m beginning to question if I’ll meet the weight goal that I set for myself.
At the end of February, I reported that I had an additional 28 pounds to lose to reach my goal of 50 pounds lost by June. In the month of March, I lost 5.5 pounds. This brings me to a total weight loss of 27.5 pounds lost! But this leaves me 22.5 pounds left to go. 
Doing the quick math, it would seem that the odds are against me. My hope was to have lost the 50 pounds by the end of June. Last month, the screech of the brakes on my weight loss confused me, but after seeing some results this past month, I believe I understand what’s going on: I’ve concentrated so much on weight training in prep of my June event that I believe my muscle gain has offset my weight loss.
Trust me – I’m certainly not complaining!
As with any journey, time has the potential to reshape our original vision and intent. I am still going to work towards my ultimate goal of losing 50 pounds, but I’m allowing myself the possibility that I’ve approached this journey a bit different than my last strut down weight-loss lane, which will result in accomplishments that I had not originally focused on.
Do you notice your goals sometimes reshape themselves? How so?
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