Tuesday, January 31

My Journey from 200 lbs Back to 150 lbs: January

by Craig Ervin
Isn’t it amazing how fast January has passed us by? Are you still on track with that ambitious fitness New Year’s resolution? It seem like many of you are because I couldn’t help but notice the hustle and bustle of energetic gym goers this month. I actually love this time of year in the fitness center. Who can resist the motivation felt by the atmosphere exuded by like-minded individuals? Go us!  (Yes, self patting on the back is perfectly fine at this moment!)
So what happens when the steam of the New Year begins to fade? Where do we find our source of motivation? Here are a few things that I’ve found that keep me going…
  • People watching! No, not people staring, but the act of observing those around me who share a common goal. I’m especially observant of those that try machines /exercises that I haven’t attempted. 
  • This one may be a no-brainer, but listening to good music while working out! I find that music with a high beat per minute is great for cardio. Slower music is great for my cool down. Weight lifting? Heavy metal all the way! In addition to listening to the music, I usually find myself mouthing the lyrics. I find this quite helpful towards the end of my cardio sessions when I’m really buckling down to burn those extra calories. 
  • Establishing a routine! I’ve given myself a roadmap. It’s easy for me to get lost in the myriad of machines in the Mordoh Fitness Center because I want to do everything. So, I focus on what my goal is and plan my workout accordingly. Personally, I like to do a ½ hr of cardio at the start of my workout. I follow this up with a 15-minute ab/stretch session on the mats. Finally, I tackle weights. My plan is that when I find myself getting into a rut I will hire one of the JCC’s personal trainers to help me establish a fresh routine.
Are you curious about how my motivational tactics have been aiding in my weight loss progress? In December I reported a weight loss of 9 lbs. I’ve lost an additional 9 lbs during the month of the January! 18 lbs down with 32 more to go to reach my goal!
So what keeps you motivated? Please share your comments below. I’m looking for extra tips and I bet more than a few others are too.
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  1. Go Craig, yes give yourself another pat on the back. 18 lbs is AWESOME, keep up the good work and remember, your motivation is all of us watching your progress. YOU are my motivation!