Tuesday, January 24

Adding Arts as Part of My “Fab at 40” Mantra

by Kelly Young
I’ve been so focused on the fitness part of being “Fab at 40” that I’m afraid I’ve missed out on some really great things – mainly some amazing arts and culture experiences happening across the city. As many of us do this time of the year, I made a few New Year’s resolutions. One of them is to commit to add culture into my forte at 40.
Here are a few things I plan on doing. Do you have other suggestions on where and what I should do?
  • I just saw Radio Golf at the IRT last week and have tickets to see a friend perform in Company, a musical comedy at the Carmel Community Playhouse later this month, so I’m well on my way of being successful with this resolution. 
  • Kicking off my plan to check out some amazing art is the Super Bowl art exhibit, TURF. An exhibit said to be ‘fun, edgy and out there’ sounds like a great place for this 40-year-old to visit. I also read about the exhibit, Tal, Joani and JeffRothenberg: A Family’s Vision, taking place at the JCC in May. This exhibit is one I want the whole family to see. I think my kids will really enjoy seeing the world through the eyes of a talented 12-year-old (I know I am). 
  • Dance is also on my list of interested arts and culture experiences. I want to experience it by seeing it and also trying it. Dance Kaleidoscope and the Indianapolis Ballet are two organizations I plan to check into. I also plan on keeping my eyes on the JCCdance class schedule. Zumba and belly dancing are two that I’m interested in trying for fun and fitness (if I can find a friend to join me).
If you were to add arts and culture into your regular routine what would you add? Are there any arts and culture programs or events happening at the JCC you would recommend?
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