Thursday, January 26

The Doctor's Office: Healthcare Reform

by Frank J Klene, PT, DPT, CSCS
It’s time for a quick discussion on healthcare reform, something the media inundates us with every day. Stick with me, though – because what I have to say may save you some money (and hopefully the topic of money saving will keep you reading!).
Private practice in both physical therapy and physician practices are becoming fewer and fewer these days. More and more physicians and other healthcare providers are becoming hospital employees, which results in a large pool of physicians, nurses and physical therapists working under one umbrella.  Many times, physicians are encouraged to keep referrals “in-house,” limiting referrals to independent private practices such as my clinic Body One Physical Therapy.
This is something we have been able to overcome – primarily, in my opinion, due to our outstanding reputation with physicians and patients. Here are some tips for consumers: 
  • Patients should also be aware and take responsibility for their own healthcare.
  • Patients are entitled to utilize any physical therapy clinic they choose. I recommend talking with your physician, speaking with friends and family before choosing a specific physical therapy clinic.
  • It also needs to be noted that hospital based clinics have a higher reimbursement rate compared to private practices. This higher rate could be transferred to the physical therapist’s deductable, costing you, the consumer, more money!
For more information about the changing healthcare system and potential saving, check out a recent article called “Independent doctors fear loss of referrals” in the December 19-25 edition of the Indianapolis Business Journal (article preview can be read online here) that details how our clinic is adapting to the changing healthcare system – and how it may affect you as a consumer.  
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  1. I definitely think that private healthcare will save us more money in the end, as well as provide us with better care. If doctors are not making motivating amounts of money, their skills will be less honed and the quality of our life's will decrease.