Friday, September 23

Kids Say/Do The Darndest Things!

Today’s blog introduces you to another one of our wonderful JCC families enrolled in our Early Childhood Education program.
  Erin and Kevin Trisler

Proud parents of:
  Georgia Trisler, Age 7 and Grant Trisler, Age 3

JCC: How long have you been a JCC member?
  Erin: Since 2004-ish...pre-kids.

 JCC: Have you had other children in ECE?
  Erin: Yes, Georgia, who is now in
  the 2nd grade. She enjoyed her
  time in the ECE hall from age 1
  to 5. More recently, in JCC summer
  camp she and her friends loved to
  find the "Muffinhead" brick on the
  walkway outside leading up to the
  east entrance and hop on it for fun! 

JCC: Would you share with us a brief
heartwarming story about the JCC?

  Erin: Grant has become quite the gentleman as he loves to hold all the
  doors for us as he's entering the JCC
for pre-school in the morning. And
  when we pick him up in the afternoon, Kevin and I agree this is one of
  the best moments of our day when he spies us walking into his room
  or onto the playground to pick him up...he drops everything and sprints
  to us with a great big smile...a clear sign he's had a fun day (but still
  missed us enough to greet us in such a magical way).

JCC: What is the funniest thing your child has done?
  Erin: On the way to many places from our home, we pass multiple ponds
  and in or near those ponds are, of course, 
geese. We were trying to be
  creative and educational at the same time by telling Grant "Look, buddy,
  one goose, two geese!" as he was in the
earlier stages of learning animal
  names, etc. Now, he sees a gaggle of geese and simply says "One goose,
  two geese!" He thinks this whole phrase is their official name!

 JCC: What is the funniest thing your child has said?
  Erin: Just after Grant transitioned in June to a new room and thus the
  "big playground," we asked him at home what he did at school that day.
  He exclaimed, "Today, I played on the TATER-totter!"  We never had
  the heart or desire to correct him. This video validates the quote!

JCC: Who is your child's favorite movie star/superhero//personality?
  Erin: It's a toss-up between Mufasa, Simba, Lightening McQueen or
  Rowdy at Victory all depends on the day. 

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