Tuesday, September 20


by Susan Gabovitch

You finally find the courage to leave an abusive marriage. You are broken. You have no self-confidence and when you look in the mirror, all you can see is a 220-pound woman who is on unemployment. You are pre-diabetic, on blood pressure medicine and your knees hurt. With money still owed on a student loan and no job, you have to move back home with your parents. Just imagine.

JCC member Victoria Connors doesn’t  have to imagine. She lived this life just two years ago. Instead of this being the end of the road for Victoria, it was the beginning of her new healthier and happier life.

Victoria’s mom, Carolyn Connors, a JCC member, decided to give her daughter the gift of good health, good nutrition and self-esteem. She bought Victoria a membership to the JCC. Victoria began coming to the JCC every day to swim for an hour. The weight began to come off. At home her mom was teaching her how to cook properly and to make healthy food choices. The more pounds she lost, the more confidence she gained.

Then Victoria heard about Spinning. With her new-found confidence, she jumped into a class. That’s when the weight really came off. That was how it all started. It has been two years now and Victoria has lost 100 pounds. She is off her blood pressure medicine, is no longer pre-diabetic and her knees are feeling much better. Imagine that.

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