Tuesday, September 6

Can A Personal Trainer Help Me Be Fab at 40?

by Kelly Young
At 40 I’ve decided I’m worth the extra money for a personal trainer–or at least I’m entertaining the idea. Maybe a personal trainer will give me that extra push, the personal attention and the motivation to get my fitness level to where I really want it to be (the best that it’s been).
I’ve been thinking about it for a while. So, I do what I always do when contemplating something important–I ask my Facebook friends for advice. Have you worked with one? Would you work with one? How much would you spend for one?
The responses were interesting. Several friends have paid for personal trainers in the past and use the knowledge they gained from their personal sessions to stay fit. A few of my friends are actually personal trainers themselves and offered to help–unfortunately, none live nearby or I’d take them up on that offer. Some said it was absolutely worth the money, and have paid as much as $80 per session. One friend even paid $700 for an assessment fee just to get started. A few were honest and said they can’t commit to a regular schedule of training because busy lifestyle wouldn’t allow them to keep up with it.  
So now it’s back to me. Now I’m finding myself asking: Am I worth it? Will I stick with it? How do I know for sure if this is the right thing for me?
I guess I won’t really know unless I try, right? So I think in order to truly be Fab at 40 I’m going to invest in me! As it turns out, the JCC is running a special on personal trainers through September 16, so I lucked out. At the very least, I think it’s worth taking advantage of a good deal.
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