Tuesday, June 24

Knowledge you need to enjoy the life you want

by Natalie Sirois

Personal Training Example
I continue to work to lose weight, meet our members and learn about all that the JCC has to offer.  

I will say that our members are great motivators. Whenever they see me in the hallway, they ask if I am coming to a fitness class. I need that accountability to keep me moving forward. Through my classes and change in habits, I am happy to report that I have lost another four pounds.  

Over the past month I have done a couple of new and different things to focus on my weight loss: 

I met with a personal trainer, and this was very helpful. My session was only for 30 minutes, and I would highly recommend at least 45 minutes if not an hour for your first meeting with a trainer. This is to better facilitate information sharing so the trainer can understand your goals and tailor a program for you. I also appreciated the advice of the trainer on my form so that I get the most out of exercise movements and don't injure myself.

I sat down with a nutritionist, and I now have a better understanding of how my eating habits and health history work together to impact my goals. In future meetings, we'll be talking about how to shop for food more effectively so that I have options in the house that are healthy, easy and able to satisfy all of my family. For example, think of purchasing meat for cooking tacos, and you can whip up burritos, tacos or taco salads in a single night. That's one ingredient but many options to make sure everyone at the table enjoys the meal.

When you are on a journey like mine, having knowledge advocates can make all the difference. And while I plan to benefit from multiple visits with my trainer and nutritionist, even a single meeting can provide you inspiration and knowledge to change your life.

Blogger Natalie Sirois is an multi-media artist and Oma (grandma). She is the JCC Indianapolis Membership Director. Although she does not get to do it often, she loves to ride her motorcycle as a stress reliever. She loves to laugh and act silly, because sense of humor is so important.  

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