Monday, January 20

Threads of Life

by Lisa Freeman 
(with thanks to Ann Luther for the “material” of this blog!)

It is a wonderful thing to be able to create art, whether it is painting, sculpture, glass or fabric. 

Everyone has a concept of what they think art is and everyone has a different opinion while viewing the same piece of artwork. 

Ann Luther uses fabric as the medium to express herself and feels that her quilts should be hung on a wall and enjoyed. 

The three elements that she loves – color, texture and design – are incorporated into every piece of quilt art that she creates.

One of her most oft-asked questions is why many of the quilts use the word “life” in one way or the other. Ann feels that if an artist puts so much effort and creativity into designing and executing a piece of artwork, that by naming the art “Unnamed” is somewhat of a cop-out. 

By using the words life or live, there are endless possibilities of names that can be used as nouns, verbs, adverbs or adjectives. Several examples of her quilt names are Soaring through Life, Night Life and Alive and Dancing.

Years ago, Ann took classes on Amish quilts and learned that Amish quilters purposely make a mistake in each of their quilts as only God is able to create perfection. She found this sad for the Amish that they have to work to create a mistake, as every single quilt Ann has made has at least one mistake and she is able to do this without even trying!

The Threads of Life exhibit may be visited in the JCC’s Art Gallery on the north side of the campus until Fri, February 28. The intricacies and vibrancy of her work will dazzle you and give you a greater appreciation of quilts as art. 

Allow yourself a few moments to stroll and enjoy Ann’s creativity.

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