Thursday, January 16

A smorgasbord of brain food

by Lev Rothenberg

Brain food can mean many things: essential fatty acids or vitamins.

At the JCC Cultural Arts wing, we look to nourish your brain in many different ways. 

We provide stimulating, creative programming that will help develop your creativity, stimulate your sense of curiosity and build connections to your community and your world. 

Now, if that doesn’t come up when you Google “brain food," it is time to expand your search.

Check out and follow the link to Adults and Arts. You will discover an absolute banquet of brain food: from social media to book discussions, calligraphy, astronomy, art exhibits, dance and more. Our special events include meaningful community forums, films and a play. 

I believe that you will certainly find thoughtful meaningful ways to invest your time.  And when it comes right down to it, there is no more powerful brain food than using your brain in meaningful and fanciful ways.

"Help me help you," intoned Jerry Maquire. Well, it is kind of like that. Make the commitment in 2014 to support your best self by availing yourself of some of the many Arts and Education offerings at the JCC. They are created to be convenient, affordable and of top quality.

We have laid out the smorgasbord of brain food. 

Come and get it!

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