Thursday, May 16

A dance in the courtyard

by Sharon Hollis

In our courtyard at Washington Healthcare Center were bride and groom dressed in tux and wedding gown, complete with train and veil. 

I watched as the bride danced with her grandfather, our newest resident to the cottage. He raised her and has been the only father she has known.

Plans for him to walk his little girl down the aisle were pushed aside as his mind collapsed, causing him a hospitalization and admission to our Auguste’s Cottage Memory Care facility.

But, the bride was determined to include him in her big day. She brought the wedding to him, complete with flower girl.

For the brief moment I watched this bride dance with her grandfather, I realized just how blessed we are. She is creating memories, even as he forgets. We have provided a safe place for him to thrive and a courtyard for her dream of this dance to come true. 

Yet, we are the lucky ones, because they allowed us to be a part of this. As senior caregivers, we are gently reminded why we do what we do. We are reminded of our call and purpose to serve. We hold the key, allowing dreams to come true. 

I must also say that this granddaughter in her late twenties lives with Stage 4 Breast Cancer (in remission).  Her mother lives with a recent diagnosis of Leukemia. No one knows just how much time they all may have left together.

And in this midst of their grief of letting go and the angst of our daily pressures, there is a courtyard at Washington Healthcare Center. And in that courtyard, we saw magic.

Guest blogger Sharon Hollis is director of Marketing and Admissions at Washington Healthcare Center, 8201 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis. The community is operated by American Senior Communities, which has 23 other communities in the Indianapolis metro area.

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  1. is always good to get those reminders of why we do what we do....those little moments of magic make it all worth it