Tuesday, December 4

5 Healthy, Holistic Habits for Men

Who says 21st Century men can’t be healthy? With a little adjustment here and a subtle shift there, a man can incorporate new habits into his life that can enhance his whole being!

Below are 5 keys that can unlock stale areas in a man’s life and let a wind of change blow through. Think of them as keys to happiness and contentment. Each key is linked to an action that can help a person take that first step in a new direction.

Begin practicing daily meditation: It will give you an inner calmness, more energy, a clearer mind and help your body to function better.
Action: Purchase a meditation CD that fits your belief system or join a local meditation group.

Replace old, negative mental habits with new positive ones: Many negative thought patterns were developed in the past to help you survive, and they are now obsolete. They stop you growing and moving forward in your life.
ActionCheck out Byron Katie’s website. Byron Katie developed The Work, a simple but highly effective technique for discarding old false beliefs with new ones rooted in reality.

Express emotions, instead of suppressing them: Such suppression will rob you of peace in the short term and often produce sickness in the long term.
Action: Write an unsent letter to a person you have ‘unfinished business’ with. In the letter, tell them exactly how you feel; don’t hold back! The idea is to express suppressed emotions and feelings even though the letter will never be sent.

Make simple healthy changes to your diet: It is much easier to gradually introduce some simple changes to your diet to allow your body and mind to adapt. This can give a great sense of improved vitality, wellness and a belief that you can do it!
Action: Try to make 50% of your meals uncooked food. Fresh vegetables in particular aid digestion, reduce calorie intake and provide high levels of nutrients not destroyed by cooking. 

Make an effort to become more connected to others: Take the initiative and give to others what you would like them to give to you. Put aside regular time with your partner to just be in each other’s presence. Listen more to you children or friends.
Action: Practice random acts of kindness. As you give out a higher energy, the same will return to you. Check out the Action for Happiness website.

Martin Costigan is a homeopathic expert based in Deception Bay, Brisbane, Australia and author of the new self-help book, Whole Man: Unleashing the Potential of the Modern Man. For more information, visit martincostigan.com 

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