Thursday, March 22

What Goes Around Comes Around

by Larry Rothenberg

Nothing really disappears. Where could it go? Neighborhoods, people, couches – yes, they change, but if we think they just “go away,” we are being short-sighted and are missing the full picture.
That thought ties together our IndyTalks Community Discussion, our Couched Constructions: Part 2 art gallery show and master pianist Richard Glazier.
The IndyTalks event "Our City Under the Radar: Neighborhoods on the Edge" is a panel discussion and open conversation, asking:
  • How do we develop neighborhoods? 
  • What happens to the estimated 10,000 abandoned properties in Indianapolis? 
  • What community grows from here?    
Yes, we can ignore it, but remember: neighborhoods don’t just “go away.” Join the discussion at 7 pm on Wednesday, Mar. 28. 
Couched Constructions: Part 2, a Herron School of Art and Design show in our JCC gallery through May 4, looks at the idea of repurposing. Art work created from discarded couches, suitcases and umbrellas creatively reminds us that the stuff of our old lives can be repurposed, recycled and reimagined to bring new and unexpected meaning to us.
Then let’s make a quick turn and look at Richard Glazier. What comes around goes around in this case, too. Richard grew up at our JCC and went on to become an award-winning pianist and master story teller. On May 3, he will return to Indianapolis to present a great show dedicated to music andthe movies. Richard has generously agreed that all proceeds will go to the Harriet Glazier Cultural Arts fund supporting cultural arts programming at the JCC.
See how it all ties together? Nothing is missing - except maybe you. You don’t want that to happen, do you?
We are never finished growing as long as there is a “we” to grow. We may indeed have “off” days, we may think we are stuck in a rut, but something is growing. For some of us it is hidden, for some of us it is obvious, but with every day, we grow one day richer.
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