Thursday, March 1

Love Spinning? There's an App for That

A few months ago, I attended what was easily my 200th spin class at my gym. As was the case many times before, I left the class feeling frustrated. I love to spin, and like many people I enjoy having a coach to lead me through the workout, but I didn’t enjoy the class experience. I couldn’t hear the instructor properly; I didn’t like his music selection; I felt uncomfortable with all those people around me; and I left the gym running late to a meeting. 
As I huffed out of the gym, I scrolled through the fitness applications on my iPhone, trying to find something that could give me the spin class experience without any of those downsides, but I couldn’t find anything.  So I decided to create an application to fill this need.
Three months later, Global Spin Coach was released onto the Apple app store market. Our spin app has generated considerable buzz – and has been downloaded by hundreds of users in 10 countries around the world – in just its first week. Users have given our app great reviews, and we believe that’s because it’s the only smart phone application on the market that successfully brings that personable, human element of the fitness instructor directly to the user.
Global Spin Coach uses technology to bring a gym full of personal spin instructors right to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The classes vary in intensity level and skills required, ranging from beginner to advanced courses. No other fitness app on the market provides complete, personalized spin training while giving you the opportunity to select the type of coach and class that best fits your personal style and needs.
I still go to the gym, and I still attend my favorite instructors’ spin classes – but now that Global Spin Coach is available on my iPhone, I have eight full-length, challenging classes available to me to use anywhere, anytime.
For more information, check out the Global Spin Coach website, or download the app for free (classes are $0.99 each, and you have them forever).
Guest blogger Sarah Kleinman was born and raised in Indianapolis, where she was a JCC member since childhood. After graduating from North Central in 2004, Sarah completed her BA in History and MA in Sociology at Stanford University. Sarah spent some time running a California-based global health non-profit called FACE AIDS before winning a Rhodes Scholarship to pursue a PhD in International Relations at Oxford University. In her spare time while she completes her studies, Sarah is building fitness applications for the iPhone/iPad, including Global Spin Coach.

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