Thursday, February 9

If you’re happy and you know it, join the movement Feb. 11

by Vicki Bohlsen
I just finished watching a documentary called “Happy” by Roko Belic. The movie premieres worldwide at 600 locations in 60 countries on all seven continents this Saturday, Feb. 11. I was tickled (no pun intended) by some of the things I learned from watching this advance screening:

  • Only 10% of our happiness comes from socioeconomic factors – our marital status, career and/or housing situation.
  •  Experts say that 50% of our ability to be happy is genetic. 

These statistics have been researched and agreed on by experts all over the world. So, based on these proven numbers, this leaves 40% of our propensity to be happy up to ourselves. The way I look at it, this means that statistically, nearly everyone could be happy. You just have to choose it. 

What makes you happy?

If we spend time every day doing regular tasks that get food on the table and clean clothes on our body, why can’t we take time to do what can help toward the daily chore of being happy? If it’s exercise you need – just do it. If it’s doing something nice for someone else – all the better. If it’s being with family and friends – enjoy.

I know it makes me smile when I see a joyful person. And I bet people prefer to be around me when I’m in a good mood.  I mean, “love makes the world go around” – right?

The producers of “Happy” are declaring Feb. 11 “World Happy Day,” and I hope everyone will participate. It would be amazing to see what the world would be like if everyone smiled at each other, performed random acts of kindness and just chose to do something that made them feel content, at peace, overjoyed.

Please accept this challenge and do something that would make me happy: Tell your friends, family, co-workers, postal carrier and random strangers about the day. 

Let’s see what can happen on Feb. 11.

Guest blogger Vicki Bohlsen is the owner and president of Bohlsen Group, a public relations, strategic communications and event services agency in downtown Indianapolis.
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