Thursday, February 9

All That Jazz

by Larry Rothenberg

JAZZ… Take a second. Say the word. Feel it. Hear it. For me the word – JAZZ – starts with a jump “JA”  and then trails off with a sense of expectation and mystery “ZZ…” It is smooth. It is possibility. It’s a promise of a thrill.
Jazz is one of America’s great gifts to the world. From the heat of the cotton fields of Alabama and the juke joints of New Orleans it grew to become a trademark for excitement, creativity, good feelings. When someone says they are “jazzed” that can mean various things, but it is always good.

This spring the J is serving up jazz. Truly great jazz. If you are a jazz fan – you want to join us. If you are not yet a jazz fan, what a great way to jump in. You’re gonna like the way you feel – “I guarantee it” (thanks, Men’s Warehouse).

On Sunday, February 12, two local jazz treasures, pianist Dave Hepler and bassist Frank Smith, return to the JCC for an intimate afternoon performance playing original compositions as well as interpretations of masters such as Duke Ellington, Cole Porter and John Lennon. Mellow and sensitive with always a touch of swing, Dave’s music is exceptional. At only $10 a ticket ($6 for members), this is a true musical value.

About a month later, March 14 – Herbie Hancock plays at the Palladium. Purchase priority tickets at a discount through the JCC. Few living artists have had a greater influence on acoustic, electric and cross-over jazz than Herbie Hancock. Why? Because he is brilliant, open-minded and forever young.

Spring is the time that the heart turns to Jazz. Join us!

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