Tuesday, November 8

What You Never Knew... an Interview with Tracy Cox

by Susan Gabovitch
Have you ever wondered…who is that tall, smiling man who is so friendly and helpful and always at the JCC? Well, if you are a frequent JCC user, you know that I am talking about Tracy Cox. Tracy first joined the JCC with his parents when he was just a boy. Both his folks were diabetic, so, health and wellness were and continue to be a priority for him. Tracy moved away from Indianapolis in 2002. While away from Indianapolis, he served as a youth sports coordinator at the YMCA in Elkhart and as a coach at the YMCA in New Castle.
Upon returning to Indianapolis last year, the first thing Tracy did was re-join the JCC. He has become one of the JCC’s most active and enthusiastic members. One of the things Tracy most enjoys is Cherri Jaffee’s dance class, which he professes is “the best class in the world.” Tracy has also become involved with JCC member Eric Gordon in coaching and training kids interested in basketball through Eric’s E3 Basketball Academy. This Academy brings kids from all over the city to the JCC to work hard on improving their skills.
Tracy was also responsible for bringing Drums Alive to entertain at the JCC last summer. His enthusiasm for this program was contagious. Kids of all ages had a ball making music as Tracy encouraged their involvement.
Tracy says that what makes the JCC so special is that it embraces the entire community and that this is reflected in everyone, from its staff to its members. That sense of family and belonging is what keeps bringing him back, day after day.
When you see Tracy in the hall, be sure to say hello. This is a man who enjoys  giving his time and energy and who loves to see people happy. We are so lucky to have him with us at the JCC.
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