Tuesday, November 15

A Monumental Outlook

by Kelly Young

I’m definitely goal-oriented when it comes to exercising. I need an event to look forward to. So now that I’ve completed the 3-Day Komen Walk (60 miles in 3 days) and the Indianapolis Monumental (half) Marathon, I can’t help wondering, “What’s next?”

I actually spent some time online last night thinking about it. I clicked around the JCC website to see what classes are offered (until now I’ve only used the cardio machines and the pool). I read several weight-loss success stories. I even Googled “fitness challenges” to see what others are doing.

Since triathlon training for me won’t start until February, and as part of my “Fab at 40” mantra I’ve decided I want to come back from my summer injury stronger, leaner and fabulous! So, I’ve decided that my next goal/challenge will be to focus the next four months on my overall health and wellness: lose a few pounds, eat healthier and move different muscles.

Here are a few things I’m going to try to help get me started. I welcome your ideas too.

1. Skip the cardio machines once a week for a fitness class. I’m going to give BodyPump, Piloxing or Total Body a try; maybe I’ll try all three.

2. Keep the cardio but mix it up. On Saturday I ran with someone who does speed work on the treadmill. I’m guilty of just doing the same routine on the treadmill and even when I swim laps. I’m going to challenge myself with some speed work.

3. Keep a food journal and see if that really helps me eat healthier.

4. Limit caffeine and chocolate. I’d like to think I could cut those out completely, but I’m trying to be realistic.

While I know there won’t be a medal for me at the end of this four-month training, I’ll reward myself with a new outfit – maybe even in a smaller size.

Thank you for reading my blog posts: You are helping me be more accountable and more successful. Maybe I’ll even connect with one or two of you who would want to join me on my challenge or offer some good advice along the way.

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