Thursday, June 30

In Praise of Gravity: Why I Love Skydiving

by Larry Rothenberg

The finest moments of my life have come when I have been free to be totally in the moment. The birth of my children, standing by a beautiful waterfall, recognizing that I truly loved the woman who would become my wifethose are some of the few examples I can recalland, perhaps most completely, the time that I celebrated gravity and stepped out of an airplane.

As I stepped out into the air (tethered to a professional instructor), I stepped into freedom. I was totally in the here and now. Thoughts about lawn work, phone calls, bills, past slights and future dreams loosened their constricting grip as I free-fell through the air. I was totally there. The most complex thought I can recall was something approximating “wow, whoo-hooo!” and that is an amazing experience.

As the parachute opened and I floated to the ground, I knew that I would never be quite the same. Since my skydive experience I look at the sky with a newfound sense of wonder. I love gravitywhy fight it? The thought of being so intensely free for a brief period sometimes helps remind me that I am truly always totally free. I even walked away with a video to prove it.

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