Tuesday, February 18

Setting Goal Targets for Maximum Results

by JCC Association and Club One

Remember back one month. 

You were just two weeks into your New Year’s resolutions, passionately pursuing new and lofty goals.

In the weeks since, have you lost momentum on the journey?

It’s been said that a goal properly set is halfway reached. Can that be said of your 2014 goals?

Setting goals that have a clear focus helps us create motivation, accountability & direction to meet what we want to achieve.

Here are some tips for properly setting goals.

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE:  Determining your objective will keep you motivated, & help you decide if your lifestyle & activities align with your goals.

REMAIN REALISTIC & ACHIEVABLE: Goals that are difficult to attain are a sure-fire way of failure. Come up with a goal that you can fit in to your everyday routine.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS:  Write down things that’ll help you reach your goal. If you fail, don’t get upset, instead list reasons you didn’t attain your goal. This allows you to be aware of the challenges in your way.

REWARD YOURSELF: Set up a personal reward system. When you reach a goal, be happy & reward yourself on your hard work.

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