Tuesday, March 19

Springtime’s Steady Awakening

Sometimes all you need on a cold morning is a little swelling in the bud of a dormant cherry blossom to stir the hope that spring’s approach is underway. 
A cherry bud
Photo taken on March 14

March in the Midwest teases you with a day of modest warmth followed by stretches of winter’s frigidity. The earth’s impenetrable crust remains. Snow might still settle about. The garden’s beds continue their sleep. But, hints of the colors emerge.

The pace of spring’s arrival can vary from one year to the next. With climate change occurring, the tempo overall is quickening. But, despite the hastening trend, on a given day or in a given year, it can feel as slow as ever.

Some of spring’s pleasures – like cherry blossoms – bring the most joy when they unfold at a speed that day to day can seem almost imperceptible. The swells in the buds yield green tips. Early white buds awaken with a burst.

This morning, we’re not quite there. So we live with and appreciate the rest that foreshadows the glory to come.

Whether you’re raising cherry trees or children, you learn to appreciate each stage of development. There are times when you want to hurry these phases along. But patience helps the gardener, the mother and the father recognize that dormancy gives those unfolding wondrous traits the time they need to be ready. 

You do the things you must to ensure a safe setting, stable grounding and healthy soil. The flowers and fruits will unfurl as sure as the morning will break.

Guest blogger Richard S. Kordesh is the author of Restoring Power to Parents and Places and has worked professionally in the community development field for 35 years. Visit Richard's website for more

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