Tuesday, November 13

Making movies truly moving

by Tim Irwin

We at Heartland Truly Moving Pictures have been excited about our partnership with the JCC over the past year and more. 

At Heartland, we believe that films can not only entertain, but also inspire, educate and engage. 

This is the reason why many of the screenings we've co-hosted with the JCC have included interaction with the people behind the films. The audience has been able to talk to the filmmakers directly, allowing a connection between the audience and the filmmakers that creates a deeper, more meaningful film experience. 

We’ll be offering another opportunity for this kind of experience as a part of the JCC Ann Katz Festival of Books and Arts on Saturday, Nov. 17, at 7 p.m. when we show three of the best-received short films from the 2012 Heartland Film Festival and talk to filmmakers from each film.

A scene from It Ain't Over
It Ain’t Over, a documentary short film about a man’s struggle with ALS, received the Audience Choice Award in the Short Film category; we will be seeing the film and talking to producer Karl Koelling about the film and its impact. 

We will also see Mr. Bellpond, a fantastical narrative short film about a playwright, and we will have a chance to ask director A. Todd Smith some questions after the screening. 

Finally, we are excited to screen Kipp Normand, a Festival Award-winning short from the 2012 Festival, about the titular Indianapolis folk artist. Director Jonathan Frey is scheduled to attend the screening in person for a Q&A. 

These three films cover a wide spectrum of topics and experiences, and it is always a treat to be able to chat with filmmakers after seeing their films. 

We’re very thankful for our relationship with the JCC, and how it allows us to bring these films and filmmakers to interested audiences outside of our mid-October Festival. And we’re excited to continue screenings next year, too!

Guest blogger Tim Irwin is the Artistic Director for Heartland Truly Moving Pictures. The nonprofit organization annually produces the internationally known Heartland Film Festival and supports community film screenings with partners like the JCC Indianapolis throughout the year.

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  1. The film you mentioned about a man's struggle with ALS stood out to me. I wrote my book about a man who has been through many hardships, yet he found a way to still enjoy his life. Without having seen "It Ain't Over", I'm guessing they have similar messages.