Tuesday, August 14

Something for everyone...literally

by the JCC staff 

How do you prepare a community festival so that it has something to offer everyone? 

The perfect recipe would probably look something like this: 10 author events, 5 films, 2 concerts and toss in an art gallery, 
workshops, yoga, food and a book sale, just for good measure. 

The 14th Annual Ann Katz Festival of Books and Arts at the Arthur M. Glick JCC will offer all of this when it opens Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012. We're blogging about it now because registration is already open for each of the 18 unique events that will make up this year's festival. 

With likes of Delia Ephron, Ira Shapiro, Rick Recht, former Daily Show writer David Javerbaum and a host of other featured guests, the three-week cultural celebration has already drawn the attention of the Indianapolis Star, which reported on the Ann Katz Festival of Books and Arts on August 8

The festival opens with the popular Community Reads event, featuring Ephron. Right now, her novel, The Lion Is In, is available for purchase at a significant discount at either of our membership desks at 6701 Hoover Rd., Indianapolis. A free ticket to the event, where you'll be able to hear from and speak with the famous author, comes with each book purchase.

Stretching over three weeks until Saturday, Nov. 17, the Ann Katz Festival of Books and Arts is the largest of its kind in all of Central Indiana each year, and we at the JCC are proud to bring leading authors, musicians, film makers and other presenters to Indianapolis for the entire community to enjoy.

Head over to our website, jccindy.org, and click the special events tab to learn more about the festival including information on each of the 18 festival features.

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