Tuesday, October 11

My Journey from 200 lbs Back to 150 lbs

by Craig Ervin
Four months ago something quite tragic happened in my life. 
I turned 30.
Yes, 30. That’s the age when everything starts to break down, right? Since turning 30 I’ve fallen down stairs (while on my 30th birthday vacation in Australia!) and damaged my ankle to the point that I cannot run distance. I’ve been diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus due to an increasing issue with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) aaaaaaand, I’ve hit the big 200 lbs on the scale. Admittedly, I’ve played my own pity party. However, boo hoo time is over and I’m ready to get things back on track.
I am committing to losing the 50 lbs I’ve gained in the past 18 months. Losing the weight will directly affect my GERD issue and my ankle. I’ll also be able to fit into most of my clothes again! It’s not easy being a 5’6” gent with a size 38 waist!
When I started working in the JCC accounting office in 2007, I was out of shape and an uncomfortable 190 lbs. It took me almost a year of employment before I finally ventured down to the Mordoh Fitness Center. It’s the best thing I ever did for myself! (2nd best would be the day the fitness staff introduced me to the stair master!) I started working out with a personal trainer and found myself 50 lbs down in a matter of 8 months. So with that being said…
Let it now be declared from atop the highest stair master; Craig Ervin will be back to 150 lbs by June 2012. You are invited to follow my journey and perhaps embark on your own.
How will I accomplish my goal? Eating smart (no fad diets), working my butt off and relying on YOU! Having the support and dialogue of fellow gym-goers is priceless. Over the next 8 months, I’ll update everyone through the JCC Banter Blog as to how I’m progressing, but don’t wait until my next post to hear how I’m doing–come down to the Mordoh Fitness Center and see firsthand! Better yet, how about attending a BOOTCAMP session with me? BOOTCAMP returns this month beginning October 15th–I’m ready for it!
Here’s to the journey and the new friends to be made along the way!

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  1. Yay for Craig. This took a lot of guts. Now you cannot fail!

  2. Thanks, Larry! Failure is not an option. - Craig